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Getting Here


There are plenty of airlines to choose from when looking for flights into Mazatlán. Listed below are just a few to get started when planning your trip to MQCF:  


Mazatlán is connected to the rest of Mexico by many first-class Mexican interstate bus lines. The majority of these luxury buses include airline-style mens and womens restrooms, on-board movies, audio channels on-demand, free WiFi, and other amenities.

Getting Around


Pulmonías are a unique form of transportation that can only be found in Mazatlán. These open air cabs look like over-sized golf carts and very are easy to catch. They can take you to just about any destination in Mazatlán, and can be found throughout the city at all hours of the day and night. They’re the same price as regular taxis but an absolute, quintessential part of the Mazatlán experience.


Eco Taxis are green and red cabs with posted set fares, and generally cost about 50 to 100 pesos per trip. Taxis are easy to flag around town. Agree on a price in advance. Fares between the Zona Dorada and Old Mazatlán average less than 100 pesos; within the Zona Dorada, you should pay about 50 pesos.


Oregas are red pickup trucks that have covered roofs and benches on either side of the cab. Oregas can fit up to 8 people, and are your best option if you are in need of transportation for more than 4 people. Oregas can be found just about anywhere in the city but are sometimes a tad harder to find than a pulmonía or taxi.


Public buses provide good service and can get to just about any area you would want to go. The buses run non-stop from 6:00am to 10:00pm everyday and come by just about every 10 minutes. There are a few marked bus stops where you will see people waiting but for the most part you can just stand anywhere on the street and raise your hand when you see the bus you are waiting for.

Bus routes can be found here.



The Teodoro Mariscal Stadium is the main stadium in Mazatlán. It is primarily used for baseball and serves as the home stadium for Venados de Mazatlán. It is the stadium in which Mexico won its first home Caribbean Series championship. The stadium has also hosted the Caribbean Series on five occasions; 1978, 1985, 1993, and 2005. The Caribbean Series will return to Teodoro Stadium in 2021.

The stadium was built in 1962, then updated in 2000.  In 2018, a major renovation/rebuild of the stadium took place. The rebuild increased the stadium’s capacity to 16000 spectators;  and included the addition of a clubhouse, museum of the Venados baseball team, commercial spaces, and a fitness centre. It also expanded the grandstands, bullpen, battter’s box, and parking lot.


You can get to the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium a number of ways.  You can drive, but there is limited parking near the stadium.  You can walk to the stadium from the Golden Zone.  It is about a 15 minute walk from Fiestaland (castle) to the stadium.  You can take the Sabalo Centro bus heading south to get to the 2nd set of lights on the Malecon south of Fiestaland, then walk to the stadium.  The other option is to take a pulmonia or taxi directly to the stadium.  They can drop you off right in front of the main entrance.


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