Mazatlan International Quilt & Cultural Festival

Ticket Locations

Ticket Price: $100 pesos

Buy your MQCF at any one of these locations listed below! Click gold icons on map to view more information.

  1. San Francisco Quilt Shop in Mazatlan on Carnaval in Centro
  2. Helarte Sano at Carnaval & Libertad in Centro
  3. Nid Art at Carnaval & Libertad in Centro
  4. La Olivia at Bellisario Dominquez and Libertad in Centro
  5. Athina’s Spa in Centro and Golden Zone
  6. Mazatlán4Sale in Golden Zone
  7. Derecho y Reves in Centro
  8. Pacific Pearl in Golden Zone
  9. Friends Diner in Golden Zone
  10. Venados Stores in Mazatlán
  11. Brenster’s Beach Bash at Diego’s in Golden Zone on Tuesdays  from 2p – 6p
  12. Mazatlán Red Cross in downtown

Look for more locations and charity partners …

If you are traveling from a distance and would like to secure your ticket beforehand please fill out a contact form here.