Mazatlan International Quilt & Cultural Festival

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Betty Hahn

Betty Hahn attained a degree in Fine Art.  She spent 30 years creating custom art for designers. Having made mostly traditional quilts, she began creating art quilts in 2005.  She has been quilting on painted canvas, or having her canvas paintings digitally produced on fabric. She loves painting on her IPad, and having those paintings printed onto silk. Painting directly on silk is also a passion.

Betty has pieces travelling in shows internationally, pieces in major collections, and has won many awards. She enjoys being a juried artist member of SAQA, a juried artist member of the Arizona Artists’ Guild and loves teaching.

Marinaldo Ferreira

Brasilian, nationalized Mexican,
Mexican designer, and Quilter known as Naldo’s Quilts.

Marinaldo’s interest in the world of quilting began two years ago, through a friend. However, his career in the world of patchwork began in 2009 with Professor Gabriela Jiménez. It was through the classes he took with Professor Gabriela Jiménez that he fell in love with the art of Patchwork.


Artisans & Vendors

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